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We also have an active Google email list and Facebook group of FOD Families and professionals from around the world, supporting both our new and 'old' families living with these rare metabolic disorders!

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About Us

We are an All Volunteer national and international support group specifically for Fatty Oxidation Disorders. As a 501c3 non-profit corporation [Tax ID# 83-0471342] we raise funds for Educational and Networking Services and Programs, as well as for future Regional MeetUps/Seminars for our Families and free of charge face-to-face or Online Grief Support for bereaved parents, families and others living with loss due to death from any cause.

Family Stories are shared, questions are answered, nutrition information is discussed, and medical and pharmaceutical updates are offered. You can also view and share our current FOD Brochure and Newsletter, as well as our archive of past newsletters for more information and stories. Additionally, we have videos on how our Group began and how FODs are newborn screened, diagnosed and treated.

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Medical Info, Links & Resources

Receiving a diagnosis for a rare genetic metabolic deficiency can be very frightening for a family, especially if they know nothing about the disorder. Gaining information about an FOD is a positive step toward easing some of that fear ~ you have to know what you're dealing with medically before you can put all other ramifications in perspective. It IS possible to live a long and healthy life with an FOD ~ the KEY is diagnosing/treating it as early as possible ~ and with FODs now being screened for at BIRTH in many states/countries, more and more babies' lives are being saved!

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List of FODs & Symptoms

When diagnosed and treated AT BIRTH the prognosis for most of the FODs (i.e., MCAD etc) is excellent. Most can make adjustments to diet/meds when necessary during times of extra activity and illness and lead a full life. However, if undiagnosed and untreated, these disorders can lead to serious complications affecting the liver, heart, eyes and general muscle development, and possibly death.

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Awareness Items

Show your support with our FOD ribbon magnets, stickers, window clings, awareness bracelets, t-shirts and baseball hats!

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Our Group began in 1991 as the MCAD Family Support Group and then in 1996 we expanded to include all of the Fatty Oxidation Disorders (FODs). Family Stories of LCHAD, VLCAD, CPT and other FODs begin with the June 1995 issue. In our early years, when each new Family contacted us, we used to mail out a Family Packet of past newsletters ~ but, we have discontinued mailing newsletters in the US and abroad due to high copying and postage costs. That is why we now offer all of our past and present newsletters online.

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