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Crazier Things Have Happened: Stacy Webber's new book supports our FOD Group

Updated: Feb 14

Stacey Webber's new book, Crazier Things Have Happened, is her journey to motherhood through the world of infertility and other life challenges. She is donating $1 of every book sold to the FOD (Fatty Oxidation Disorders) Family Support Group, as a way to say thank you to Deb Lee Gould, and all she has done to support families. Her story includes "Joseph's Story" which is what she wrote over 25 years ago and is still on the FOD website today. Today she has three boys, all with FOD, but never felt alone because of the FOD Support Group. We are truly 'all in this together!' Thank you in advance for supporting her book and this group. I (Deb) have personally read her touching, raw, vulnerable, and authentic writing and was inspired by her unending resilience! And if you do purchase, please leave a review, Thank you from Stacey!

You can also purchase on Amazon & Barnes & Noble & Balboa Press.

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