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Our Group began in 1991 as the MCAD Family Support Group and then in 1996 we expanded to include all of the Fatty Oxidation Disorders (FODs). Family Stories of LCHAD, VLCAD, CPT and other FODs begin with the June 1995 issue. In our early years, when each new Family contacted us, we used to mail out a Family Packet of past newsletters ~ but, we have discontinued mailing newsletters in the US and abroad due to high copying and postage costs. That is why we now offer all of our past newsletters online.

Please be sure to read the most current newsletters and articles on our website to get the most updated information on FOD diagnosis, Newborn screening, treatment recommendations, research, and names of FOD researchers/Labs, as well as our touching Family Stories that really connect us all.

Newsletters will be added on a regular basis as they become available. [Please Note: We are currently looking for a Newsletter Editor ~ so if you are interested in that position please contact Deb. The FOD Group's address is in Michigan (see contact page) so disregard the NC address on past newsletters and online forms. Additionally, my (Deb) AOL and triad.rr email address listed on older newsletters is no longer active ~ please update with – and as a backup]









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