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Sign Up for the Email List

If you would like to sign up for our google group Email List please first  ‘Join our Group‘ ~ Our Email List is only open to FOD Families and Professionals for support and networking purposes.

Thanks for signing up!

If you sign up after 8pm est you will not be activated until 8am est ~ After Registering for the Group.

Create a google account and then verify your email address before signing up for our List by putting your email address in the google box above. Please read our ‘List Rules and Reminders.’ If you do not respond to Deb’s email (if I don’t recognize your address), you will not be activated for the List.Keep in mind there is a possible delay of 12-24 hrs from when you sign up until you’re activated for the List.  Also save these List link info for future use.

While you are waiting to be activated for the List, please read this past Editorial about some major concerns our Families have experienced during the process of being screened and/or diagnosed (ie., being told their child has a ‘mild’ case, how Families are told a screen is positive, etc). These are concerns that really need to be addressed and not dismissed.

If you have not heard from me (Deb) in 2-3 days, please email me at or for assistance. Some addresses or servers are not receiving email from my deb@ address for some reason or are going into spam/junk files. Please add my above addresses to your safe list before you contact me.

Main FOD Email List webpage/Archived messages:

Main FOD Email List address:

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