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The FOD Family Support Group is undertaking an AWARENESS CAMPAIGN for our Disorders, as well as for Expanded and Comprehensive Newborn Screening. Our disorders, and several others (50+), can be screened for by using tandem mass spectrometry on a blood spot filtered paper (ie., Newborn screen card). Our Group supports Families across the world living with these rare metabolic disorders. We KNOW that Early Diagnosis and Treatment can SAVE LIVES!


We have had a HUGE response to our Bracelets! Our bracelets ~ the Youth size (7.0″, also fits a small framed adult) is tie-dyed blue and yellow ~ and the Adult bracelets (8.0″) are the half-and-half blue and yellow.


The Story behind our Group ‘Colors’


Some may wonder why royal blue and yellow were chosen as the FOD Group ‘colors.’ The power and meaning of these colors represent many facets of my life experiences before and after our lives were changed forever with the sudden death of our daughter, Kristen, from undiagnosed MCAD in 1985.


Before getting married and starting our family, Dan and I graduated from the University of Illinois (‘The Fighting Illini’) in Champaign, IL and the school colors are blue and orange. I wanted to incorporate our loyalty to the symbol of Illinois ~ ‘Chief Illiniwek’ ~ which embodies dignity, integrity, strength, and spirit by having blue as one of the colors ~ but probably more poignant for me is that Kristen’s eyes were the bluest of blue ~ thus I chose royal blue. And even though I grew up in the south suburbs of Chicago, I consider Champaign to be home ~ and it’s also where Kristen is buried.


As for the yellow ~ I have always loved small yellow roses and Kristen came to love them as well. Yet after Kristen died, they became even more significant to me. They not only symbolize my journey through grief, they also symbolize Kristen’s love and eternal light ~ a light that will shine forever…

FOD & NBS Awareness Bracelets

  • Shipping is included in the price.

    The FOD Family Support Group is officially a 501c3 tax-exempt Non-Profit Corporation ~ your donation is tax-deductible and you will receive a donation receipt. All  FOD Bracelet/Ribbon Sales will be deposited into the FOD General Fund, which is for daily operations and Conferences.

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