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Juan, Our 'Super Hero'!


Juan Pablo is a cute, handsome, and intelligent boy. He is six years old, and you know how you feel at that age. Just like a Power Ranger! He has brown hair, brown eyes, a little nose and a wonderful way of smiling and laughing.

He loves karate and telling long stories about super heroes, where he is one of them and plays the main role. He is in the first grade right now but he has been reading and writing since he was four.

Juan has been a special person for all of us ever since he was born ~ first son, first grandchild, and first nephew for our two families (my husband’s and mine).

We are trying to learn that VLCAD is another characteristic of his life, and to live with it as normally as we can. He knows that he has to take some medicine to have strong muscles and to eat low fat meals to feel healthy.

We don’t think that he is special because of VLCAD. We try to teach him that he needs to be and to do his best to become a better person and that makes him special ~ not by having the VLCAD or being sick at times.

If you think just a minute from that perspective, you will understand that there is a big difference between those ways of thinking.

We can think in terms of ‘DISEASE’ or we can think in terms of ‘HEALTH,’ and that is the medicine that helps our kids grow ~ physically and emotionally!

Maria Martha Fernandez Argentina

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