Scott and Kim

In loving memory of my son, Scott Thomas Beaudet
Born October 10, 1972
Died June 30, 1977
Diagnosed with ‘Reyes Syndrome’

Angels Are Hard to Find

The dreaded date approaches
It’s that time of year
To remind me of that awful day
When you’re no longer here

That horrible disease took you
To a beautiful place in the sky
None of us were ready
To say our last goodbye

And now you are an angel
And live in heaven above
Who am I to question
The wisdom of His love

And so we have just memories
Those of us left behind
And you make heaven more beautiful
Angels are hard to find

But we’ll meet again someday
Be sure to wait for me
We’ll take up where we left off
As we pass through eternity

I’ll remember this day forever
As we mark 25 years
The pain remains unchanged
I can’t control the tears

Written by Mom…