Update Us on Your Research and/or Clinical Practice

A group of medical professionals wearing scrubs and stethoscopes

Professionals ~ we are always seeking family-friendly articles on all of the FODs and issues related to FOD Families  [ie., genetics, behavior, school, feeding etc] , so if you would like to contribute your knowledge and expertise, PLEASE do! Additionally, in order to provide our Families with updated and more specific information on whether you test for/diagnose, treat, and/or research FODs, please complete and email or mail our one-page Professional Questionnaire for FOD Referral Purposes. Even if you are already listed on our printed Professional List, we would appreciate your help in updating our files.

URGENT NEED for Medical Professionals ~ With more Families around the world being identified with an inborn error of metabolism our Families will need both Short and Long term Clinical Follow-up Care (possibly through Regional Metabolic Collaboration Centers) from knowledgeable and caring professionals. In addition to our Expanded Newborn Screening Advocacy, our Group is hoping to bring awareness to medical schools and other medical organizations and facilities the need for educating and training new Professionals (physicians, metabolic nutritionists, etc) in the field of Medical Genetics and Metabolism to treat our children, as well as our FOD adults.  

One of our main Fundraising goals is to seek donations in order to eventually offer grants to Clinical and Research Centers (US only) for FOD Clinical Training (physicians, metabolic nutritionists etc) and FOD Research. We have a PayPal link on our home page if you wish to donate to either of these Funds.

We NEED your help NOW and in the FUTURE so our children will thrive and grow into adulthood with the best of ongoing care!