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Adjustments in diet oftentimes are made for an FOD child/adult because fats cannot be broken down completely, so the amount of fat may be limited to about 20% of one’s total calories per day. For some, it may also include adding special formulas or supplements (i.e. Portagen, MCT Oil). Yet, making those adjustments doesn’t mean that recipes have to be ‘blah!’

Families have shared with us some of their favorites recipes, as well as various nutritional resources that have been helpful to them when making those changes in diet. However, before making any of the recipes, be aware that some ingredients may not be appropriate for all FODers (i.e. MCT Oil should NOT be given to MCADers, SCADs, and possibly others with FODs). If you have any questions, please refer to your medical or nutritional professionals.

Nutritional Resources

Please note: Mead Johnson has slightly changed the formulation of Portagen and made some new recommendations about its use. Those updates can be found on their website. If you have an infant (0-12 months) on Portagen, please check with your Metabolic Dietitian and/or Metabolic Doctor to be sure your baby doesn’t need anything added to their diet. This note does not apply to older children on Portagen.

MCT Oil is now sold through Nestle Nutrition. MCT Oil is a modular source of Medium Chain Triglycerides for patients unable to to digest or absorb conventional fats (not used for ALL the FODs however). You should consult your Dr on the use of this product. Refer to the Nestle Healthcare Nutrition for further information.

You might be able to have your pharmacist examine this oil to compare the quality/ingredients to the other Oil. Another 100% MCT Oioption is through NOW®  – their MCT Oil is Pharmaceutical Grade (USP) and contains no sugar, salt, starch, yeast, wheat, gluten, corn, soy, milk, egg, shellfish or preservatives.

Nutricia Metabolics has an FOD medical food product called Monogen. It is a formula for long chain disorders (not used for all the FODs). It is available through Nutricia North America. Please visit the product page for more information.

Vitaflo also has some products for our long chain disorders ~ Lipistart is a nutritionally complete, powdered formula for the dietary management of disorders of long chain fatty acid oxidation and some other disorders. Lipistart is high in MCT (90%) and low in LCT (10%). MCT Procal is a neutral tasting powder that can be added to any food or savor items. It does not change the flavor of foods and is very soluble in liquids. Vitaflo has created a MCT Procal Recipe Guide as well. And S.O.S is a product that adds carbohydrate calories to diets without adding fat and protein calories.

Low-Fat Recipes, Products and ‘FUN-to-Read’ Cook Books

Recipe Books for Really Low-Fat, Healthy Recipes

Recipes from the Weimar Kitchen 
Weimar Institute 
PO Box 486 
Weimar, CA  95736 
This one was developed as low-fat, no cholesterol, vegetarian, and no added sugar! 

The McDougall Health-Supporting Cookbook 
John McDougall, MD 
c/o PO Box 14039 
Santa Rosa, CA  95402 

Submitted by: Sheri Sandstrom

The Best-Kept Secrets of Healthy Cooking (More than 600 kitchen-tested, easy-to-make, light and healthy recipes) by Sandra Woodruff, RD.

Submitted by: Diane Nelson