My love for you is beyond anything I have ever felt 
Every time I look into your eyes, I melt

I know these years have been hard for you 
Mama has missed out on your lives as you grew

I wish I could take back all those years 
And start over again without all the fears

When Kristen died, I thought I’d lost my mind 
I cried and cried and yearned and pined

My heart was ripped out and shattered 
It felt as if I had just been battered

It’s taken time and work to help me again feel ‘whole’ 
The light in your eyes has guided me to my soul

Kevin and Brian, never lose sight of your own light 
It is the essence and power of your being and might

No matter what you face in future years 
Meet it with dignity, integrity, and calmed fears

With God’s love and guidance, be all that you are meant to be 
Be true to yourselves, share your love and you will see 
How full and rich your lives will be

With all my love… 

Deb Lee Gould, Director 
FOD Family Support Group 
July 15, 1995