I Miss You!!!

I miss everything about you.
Your sweet smile.
Your giggles of delight.
Your red hair and blue eyes that shone so bright.
Your cries for comfort in the night when you were cutting your teeth.
I miss not reading you bed time stories.
Singing you songs.
Taking you for walks.
Playing with you  and your buddies at playgroup.
I miss the sound of your voice.
The soft touch of your skin.
The way you splashed your feet when you were in the bath tub.
Mostly, I just miss not having you around where I can be near you.
I regret that we will miss out on so much together.
I can hardly wait until we will be reunited again because
I miss you!!!!

Written by
Tammy Clark, AKA Jenna’s Mommy


Undiagnosed MCAD
Feb 17 ~ Nov 22, 2002