Love is yesterday, today, and tomorrow 
        Love is endless, Love transcends time and space

Love is of self, of children, of family, of friends 
        Love is of the heart and mind, of faith and hope connected by the soul, the spirit of God

Love is giving and receiving, Love is dreaming 
        Love is belonging and believing

Love is childlike, Love is mature 
        Love is having the courage to say ‘I’m sorry’

Love is compassion 
        Love is being with someone in need, Love is knowing someone will be there for you

Love is inarticulate joy and passion
        Love is proclaiming ‘I am proud of you!’

Love is sacred
        Love is looking into someone’s eyes and finding a way to forgive

Love is home, Love is a kiss, Love is a gentle hand
        Love is a smile, Love is a look, Love is a state of being

Love is exciting, Love is laughter, Love is change 
        Love is being honest, Love is painful, Love is tears

Love is blind
        Love sees beyond the human dimension

Love is having the courage to stand up for your beliefs
        Love is knowing when enough is enough

Love is stillness, Love is action 
        Love is being responsible, Love is meaningful

Love is being an instrument of God and of hope 
        Love is giving your children a firm foundation 
        Love is giving them wings

Love is an invisible force, Love is freedom
        Love is sharing, Love is perseverance

Love is in memory
        Love is in prayer and song

Love moves us beyond survival
        Love is being open to living fully

Love gives life
        Love gives us the strength to say ‘Goodbye ~ for now’

Love is everlasting…
        Love is ‘evergreen’

Deb Lee Gould, Director 
FOD Family Support Group 
April 29, 1995