When blessed with the gift of a special angel,
you should know that God has a little extra confidence in you.

Never ask why. Just know you are special.
For God has entrusted you to love and care
for one of his special angels.

As a keeper, you will soon find that you have been blessed
with a little extra compassion, patience and love.

You will also learn to never ask “why” or “what can happen next.”

No matter how bad the news,
you will always be grateful that you have been given one more day.

Even the worst days are bearable
when the sleeping angel curls up next to you.
Then a sigh of relief is breathed
that you made it through one more day
and you thank God for the strength you have suddenly found.

To all of the special angel keepers remember
“God never gives you more than you can handle!”

Kimberly A Adlong
Krista, GA2/MADD
Copyright ©2002 Kimberly A Adlong