As we continue to spread FOD awareness, knowledge and support via our extensive website and Email List, we have also expanded our Group’s Mission to include face-to-face grief support ~ as a community outreach, Deb offers free of charge local [East Lansing, MI area] Grief Support for those touched by an infant/child/adult child’s death from any cause ~ early in your grief or many years down the road. Impending loss/loss of a spouse, sibling, parent and other loved ones are also supported for face-to-face local consults. If you are unable to come for a face-to-face session, I also provide Online Consults via zoom video ~ for Grief Support Only. 

Fortunately, with expanded newborn screening taking hold in our country and several other countries, there will be fewer deaths associated with undiagnosed FODs ~ however, there are still many others out in the world living with a death of a child or other loved one, from another cause that might benefit from extra one-on-one support.

Grief Support Brochure [8.5x11borderless]

There is no charge for consulting with Deb via email, phone/zoom video, or face-to-face consultations (non-denominational) with bereaved parents, or other adult family members, living with the death of a child/children or loved one of any age and from any cause, not just our disorders.

Donations to the FOD Group are definitely welcomed, but are not required!

Note from Deb: If anyone has an individual or family loss and grief concern, and would like another perspective via phone/zoom video, or in person please contact me ~ please also complete the online Secure Grief Intake Form on my site on the Forms page, so I have a better idea of your life and loss situation.

I have experienced a child’s sudden death, the loss of my father at age 3, several miscarriages, have raised an MCAD young adult [as well as his MCAD carrier brother], have a Master’s degree in Education/Counseling [1993], am an ordained non-denominational spiritual counselor, and have I have offered grief support to bereaved parents and others experiencing loss since 1991.

Our correspondence or work together, however, would not take the place of face-to-face therapy with another grief or medical professional if that’s something you choose to do and/or I feel you may benefit from ~ depending on your situation, sometimes further assessment or treatment may be needed.

If you email me and do not get a response, please contact me by phone at 517.381.1940 or use my backup email and/or put my addresses on your safe list – sometimes my address goes to your spam folder. I do not want to miss your request for support!


Grief Consult Office [Map]:
Deb Lee Gould, MEd
3899 Okemos Rd A1
Okemos, MI 48864
Phone 517.381.1940 est
Fax 866.290.5206 |
Mail: PO Box 54  Okemos, MI 48805