FOD Family Support Group Donations

Federal Tax ID # 83-0471342 (501c3 tax exempt non-profit corporation)

Please Note: We do not make phone calls or email any mass solicitations for support so if you receive a call or an email that looks like it came from Deb or, do NOT respond!

The FOD Group supports the following areas of funding:

  • General Fund [supports daily operations, website, phone, xeroxing, supplies, insurances, Undesignated, etc. Note: FOD Awareness items purchased on our site will be deposited into the General or General Trust Fund]
  • General Trust Fund [supports Family Regional MeetUps/Seminars, pro bono Grief Consulting services, future FOD Programs, Undesignated donations, etc]
  • Scholarship/Grant Fund in Memory of Dr Charles Roe ~ for future Scholarship/Grant/Fellowship for new Metabolic Professional interested in FODs
  • In Memory of Kathleen Boe [funds will be used wherever needed]
  • Support Educational Training of medical professionals about Metabolic Disorders: We have a designation for Clinical Training/Education and we also support Dr Mark Korson at VMP, LLC   ~ website for creditcard/paypal donations
  • Support FOD Research: We have a designation for FOD Research and we also support specific FOD Research sites ~ Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh (CHOP) and Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) Donation Instructions / OHSU Pledge Form ~ you can donate Online or by check, please click their links for instructions/forms for donations, you can designate FOD Research efforts

You can also support us through purchasing our FOD Awareness Items and by shopping through various sites! (See below.)

If you prefer to send a check ~ you can also mail Deb a US check made out to the ‘FOD Group’ and mail to PO Box 54, Okemos, MI 48805. 

No Donations are used for administrative salaries ~ we are an ALL Volunteer Organization.

*** You can NOW Donate from our NEW Donor page ~

You can also text 2023FOD to 53-555     ~    You’ll get sent a link to our campaign


Other Ways to Create Awareness and Raise FOD Funds - Change online shopping for good.

iGive Shopping: Shop hundreds of online stores ~ a percentage of your purchases from each store are given to the FOD Group. Join our Cause today and begin shopping for the FOD Group ~ iGive will donate $5 for you trying it out and $5 more after your 1st purchase!


FOD Family Fundraiser events: Many of our Families have created their own fundraisers [ie., facebook birthdays, Silpada jewelry sales, book sales, etc]. Please be sure to read/sign the FOD Family Fundraiser Form if you wish to raise your own funds for the Group. Be aware that your fundraiser is not an FOD sanctioned event and only you will receive the tax deduction for your donation. If your participants wish to receive a deduction they can always send a check directly to us made out to the FOD Group.

Donate Now through Network for good

Network for Good Donations


Get unique gifts at

CafePress: Visit our FOD Shop ~ they imprint our logo on items & $3.00 of each item is given to the FOD Group

GoodShop: Everytime you search the web and shop online funds are raised for the FOD Group

United Way: For  your annual drive, you can write-in the ‘FOD Family Support Group’ – Tax ID# 83-0471342   PO Box 54  Okemos, MI 48805

Stock Donations: The FOD Group now accepts stock donations ~ contact Deb for account information.