In Loving Memory ~ Our Alyssa

Alyssa Jenna-Ann Boucher

Alyssa Jenna-Ann Boucher “La-La” 
Born~November 18, 1999 
Born into Eternal Life~July 22, 2000

The smallest fingers, and tiniest toes 
Your pouty lips and button nose 
A smile that always melted our hearts 
We will always remember.

Soft skin like satin, and the bluest eyes 
Red hair of an angel up in the sky 
A laugh that always made us smile 
We will always remember.

You were a gift that graced our lives 
A joyous little girl no one could deny 
And in our hearts you will always be 
Forever for us to remember.

And now our arms seem so heavy 
Even though you’re gone 
But in our hearts you’ll always stay 
It is where you belong.

So as time passes we know you’ll be 
Always watching over our hearts 
And maybe one day we’ll have our answers 
Why so suddenly we had to part.

I hope you know how much you were loved 
As tears fall from our eyes 
That always remembered, you will be 
Our sweet La-La. 

Written by ~ William Boucher, Alyssa’s dad

Alyssa Jenna-Ann Boucher

Alyssa’s Headstone

Here she is our baby girl 
The one we love so much 
We long to see her smile again 
And of course to feel her touch 
She brought joy to all she knew 
When she smiled and laughed out loud 
And now in Heaven she rests her head 
Upon a fluffy cloud 
Now even though our hearts are heavy 
We must now look above 
And know that when we think of her 
All that she knew was love

~ William Boucher, dad ~