Our 1st FOD Awareness Month was JULY 2012 and we were also highlighted on July 15, 2013 honoring Kristen and Kevin in the USA Today Life Charity Spotlight section. For our 2017 Banner we honored Chelsea (1992-2016,LCHAD) and Josh (14 yrs, MADD/GA 2 from Australia). And for the 2019 Banner we honor Ysabel (adult LCHAD 1999-2018) and Canaan (VLCAD, 3 yrs, Georgia). Our 2020 Banner honors Charlie (GA2/MADD, forever 3.5 yrs, California) and Carter (MCAD, 15 yrs, Ohio).  For 2021 we honored  Kennedy, age 2 (VLCAD) and Charles, 17 yrs (TFP). In 2022, we honored Michael (VLCAD) and Kyndel (MCAD).

Spread the word and be sure to check out our Awareness items to share with family & friends every day of the year!


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